When I grow up, I’ll be a child


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Format: 2cm x 23,5 cm
First Edition, February 2019
ISBN 978-953-301-097-7


Napisala: Marijana Nola
Ilustrirala: Andrea Petrlik Huseinović
Prijevod: Cody McClain Brown

When children are growing up, all they want is to grow up as soon as possible.

They want grown-ups to stop telling them what to do, they want
to make their own decisions, and to be independent.

Growing up can be difficult and it often happens that, under
the pressure of our daily life, we forget the child within us.

But we all remember the feeling when we were little children when we
played all day long, carefree, protected, and our dreams flew around us.

This poem is the hymn to all of those who have preserved the child
within, those who have not forgotten the freedom of childhood, who
have not suppressed the limitless wealth of imagination.

It is a poem for all grown-up children who keep dreaming, who remember
and who knows that we should never lose sight of the treasure within us.

Marijana Nola

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