Forgotten dwarfs


Kašmir Huseinović, Andrea Petrlik Huseinović



In the meadow beyond the fence, there lives a sleepy owl. And two quick hares, two timid mice, two slow snails, one pretty butterfly, one white bird, one prickly hedgehog, one burly bear, and one sly fox. All in all, the meadow is quite a lively place! There’s grass, trees, mushrooms and flowers, a few tree stumps, acorns, and food for the meadow’s critters. And who is hiding underground? Entire families live there! They aren’t moles or people either. They have beds, which means they sleep. They cook food, which means they eat. They read, which means they know a lot. They have brooms and buckets, which means they tidy their homes. Sometimes they are sad, sometimes happy, and most of the time they are hard-working and playful. They wear tall red hats. They are none other than the dwarfs we have forgotten about. This is a story about them.