VJEKOSLAV VOJO RADOIČIĆ born in 1930 at Požega. Regular member of the Croatian Society of Visual Artists of Rijeka and Zagreb, and VBKO (Verein Bildenden Kunsler Osterreich, Wien-Schonbrun). He lives and works at Begovo Razdoblje, Rijeka and Vienna. He is involved with painting, miniature plastic, Illustrations for children, applied graphic and textile design. He had more than 160 one-man exhibitions at home and abroad. He works for TV and theatre and has made more than 40 set-designs at home and abroad. He is the winner of numerous recognitions and awards such as: 1979 Ostende, buying award for the Town Museum holdings, 1988 - annual award of the City of Rijeka, 1988- decoration of the Croatian Danica Order with the figure of Marko Marulic for his contribution to culture. For the iluustration of children's book he received the "Grigor Vitez" award in 1984 and "Ivana Brlic Mažuranic" award in 1989. He is the Croatian candidate for 2002 for "Hans Christian Andersen" the biggest award for illustration.