Tito Bilopavlović, a well known Croatian writer, has been present in the Croatian literature for more than 30 years. He is the winner of the "Grigor Vitez" and "Vladimir Nazor" awards. As many-years editor of SMIB, children's entertainment and educational journal, he got into the heart of little boys and girls trying to present them numerous happy and sad stories fromhis life. This is how he wrote his books: "Kutija za male i velike igračke"/"A Box for Big and Small Toys"/, "Filipini iza ugla"/"The Philippines round the Corner",/"Abeceda u polju i šumi"/"Alphabet in the Field and Wood"/, "Kuharica za klince"/"A Cookbook for little Boys and Girls"/, "Paunaš"/"A Peacook".

When young boys and girls who read this book grow up, they will come across the Bilopavlović's books for "adults": "Ciao, slinavci"/" Ciao, snivlers", "Stid"/"Shame", "Škola za sjećanje"/"The Scool for Remembrance", "Otmica Labinjanki "/" The Kidnapping of the Labinian Women", "Sudbina u Ruci"/" Getting Hold of the Destiny", "Plavuša i Atleta"/" The Blond and an Athlete, as well as five collections of poetry.