SONJA TOMIĆ born on 29 May, 1947 in Dubrovnik. She graduated from high school in Zagreb and became degree-exam candidate in mathematics and teology. She received a university degree in German and Croatin language and literature. She lives and works in Zagreb. Sine 6 June,1994 has been the member of the Croatian Writers Association. She writes stories, hagiographies and novels for children, as well as articles and poems. Among the works published so far are:”Srce u nebu”/The Heart in Heavens (1992), “Svjetiljčica”/A Girl Bringing Light (1992), “Božje Blago”/The God’s Treasure (1993), “U Iščekivanju Spasitelja”/Waiting for the Saviour ((1993), “Antun-Nani Manji Brat”/Antun-Nani, the Younger Brother (1995), “Mar i Anata”/Mar and Anata (1996), “Dnevnik Rajske Loptice”/The Diary of a Paradise Ball (1997), “Svjetljičica i odabrane priče”/A Girl bringing Light and Other Stories (1999) and “Lojzekov Vrt”/Lojzek’s Garden (1999). In addition to writing, Sonja Tomić has been involved with painting since her early childhood.For three years shee attended the classes of Saša Forenbacher, academic painter. She illustrated famous children’s book “Heidi” and has set up her own exhibitions or taken part in collective exhibitions as well.