MATO LOVRAK, born on 8 March, 1899 at Veliki Grđevac. He graduated from the School for Teachers in Zagreb. As a teacher, he worked at various places in Croatia (Kutina, Veliki Grđevac, Veliki Zdenci and Zagreb). He died on 13 March, 1974 in Zagreb.

Mato Lovrak is the writer of the Croatian realistic stories and realistic novel for children: “Slatki potok i druge priče za djecu” (Božićni dar) in 1930 /“Sweet brook and other stories for children”/, “Djeca Velikog sela” /The Children of Big Village” /later published as “Vlak u snijegu”/”A Snowed-in Train” in 1933, “Družba Pere Kvržice” /”Pero Kvržica’s Gang”/ in 1933, “Prijatelji” /”Friends”/ in 1946, “Divlji dječak”/”A Wild Boy”/ in 1952, “Anka Brazilijanka”/”Anka, the Brazilian”/ in 1956 and other novels.

Lovrak’s most popular and well known novels are “Vlak u snijegu”/”A Snowed-in Train”/ and “Družba Pere Kvržice”/”Pero Kvržica’s Gang”/. Screenplays of these two novels have been made for films produced under the same title.

“Vlak u snijegu”/”A Snowed-in Train”/ has been translated in German, Hungarian, Macedonian, Polish, Czeck and Slovenian languages. “Družba Pere Kvržice”/”Pero Kvržica’s Gang”/ was translated in Esperanto in 1998 at Đurđevac.

Mato Lovrak’s works show his love for children, his feeling for the beauties of nature and seeking of social justice.