ANA ĐOKIĆ PONGRAŠIĆ Born in past century on the hilly Balkan. Fond of speculation, she combined her hobby and work and became graduate philosopher. She likes writing about everything. Stories, radio plays, theatre readings, dramatization, TV screenplays and the like. She had had friendly relations with Sebastian Invisible helping him in writing "Witty Stories", Zoran Pongrašić and his "Mother" who should be blamed for everything, and with the teacher Edvard Vege whose "Encyclopedia of Whits" is soon to be published.
Besides writing and writers, her hobby is collecting membership cards, however, so far she succeeded in getting only two of them: the one of the Association of the Drama Artists of Croatia and that of the Association of the Drama Artists of France and at some places in Europe.
When she does not write, she thinks about writing. When she does not think about writing, she talks to other writers. When she does not talk with other writers, she speaks behind their back.