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is the publisher whose publishing programme involves books for children of the youngest age, pre-school children and those attending higher primary school classes.
The publisher also supports the creative work of domestic authors, both the writers and illustrators as well. Many of the writers and illustrators whose books have been published in this publishing house, are the winners of numerous awards and recognitions.

Besides domestic authors KASMIR PROMET also publishes the works of world classics of children's literature such as Oscar Wild, Erich Kaestner, Carlo Collodi, the Grimm brothers, Hans Christian Andersen, Lewis Carroll and others.

KASMIR PROMET has always been open for the cooperation with foreign publishers. So far a very good cooperation has been established with the French publishing house EDITIONS DU ROUERGUE from France.

Two of KASMIR PROMET children's picture books have been translated into English language. One of them titled THE BLUE SKY was created during the stay of its illustrator Andrea Petrlik Huseinovic at the UNESCO-BIB WORKSHOP 2001.

The first book SORRY, I LOVE YOU by Tito Bilopavlovic was published in August 1998. According to the picture book TEDDY BEAR'S HOME by Suncana Skrinjaric, a short annimated cartoon in three sequels was made. The illustrations for the cartoon were made by Andrea Petrlik Huseinovic who also illustrated the book.

Two years in succession KASMIR PROMET has been awarded the GRIGOR VITEZ acknowledgement of its successful work in producing picture books and books for children. For three years in succession KASMIR PROMET's books were included among most beautifully designed books in the world. Every two
years, KASMIR PROMET books and relevant illustrations are exhibited at the BIENNIAL OF ILLUSTRATIONS in Bratislava.

For the illustrations of Carlo Colodio's book PINOCCHIO, KASMIR PROMET' s illustrator Andrea Petrlik Huseinovic has been nominated for IBBY HONOUR LIST for 2002.

Until present, KASMIR PROMET has formed four libraries:

Within the LITTLE SPARK library picture books are published for children of pre-school age and first levels of primary school, the LIST library is intended for younger and ISKRA for older primary school age. The CLOUD library is a new library of larger format. Publishing picture books is included in this library.

With KASMIR PROMET you can order greeting cards and posters with the illustrations from books and picture books.

KASMIR PROMET's staff includes Dr. Kasmir Huseinovic the publisher and director, Andrea Petrlik Huseinovic, designer and illustrator.


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e-mail: kasmir@kasmir-promet.hr

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